Backlog Adventures 1: The Journey Begins

So I have a problem. It’s probably the world’s most first-world problem, and many would say that it’s a good thing. The problem in question: I have too many video games. I began collecting games as a hobby a couple years back, and I kind of have no self-restraint when it comes to buying them. This would explain the large number of Atari 2600 games I’ve never even put in the system, or the embarrassing number of Steam games I’m pretty sure I can’t even run on this computer. I’ve gone to painstaking lengths to catalog this collection, and a couple of years ago, a friend linked me to The Backloggery, a site to help people with my particular problem. It allows you to enter your whole collection and track what games you’ve finished, beaten 100%, or in most cases for me, never touched. So I’m going to solve my problem. I’m going to force myself to play through these games, using this feature as an excuse/motivation.
So here’s how this is going to work. Here’s a link to my Backloggery profile, where you can see what I’m working with. A great feature of the site is a tool called the Fortune Cookie. It wil randomly choose a game for you to play out of your 900+ collection. I will place my future in the hands of The Cookie, and play whatever it gives me. The only exceptions: Android games that just wouldn’t make good reading material (I think everyone knows Angry Birds is good at this point), and any Steam game I find out won’t run on this 3-year old laptop.The first game the cookie has chosen? The original Saints Row for the Xbox 360. Seems like good timing, considering the 3rd game in the series comes out this November. So I’ll be writing up a weekly summary of my experiences playing it, until I finish the game. Unto the breach!
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