New Fall TV Review: 2 Broke Girls

There are a LOT of new shows premeiring this fall, and it’s hard to decide what to give a chance to, and what should be avoided at all costs. Throughout this fall, we’ll be giving short reviews of most of the new pilots, and letting you know what deserves your precious time.

Full disclosure: the only reason I actually even watched 2 Broke Girls in the first place was because I thought it would be terrible. The previews for the show were absolutely dire, making it look like a parody of other bad CBS sitcoms. And my distaste for those other sitcoms (Two and A Half Men, Shit My Dad Says, etc.) almost made me overlook it. The plot setup even sounds generic as hell: a street-wise waitress becomes friends with a spoiled trust-funder, and wacky hijinks ensue! But I ended up pleasantly surprised by 2 Broke Girls. Maybe it’s my pre-existing bias for liking Kat Dennings, but her chemistry with Beth Behrs actually kind of works. And Behrs herself isn’t nearly the stereotype you expect her to be, actually proving to be much smarter than she initially looks. There are cringe-inducing moments here and there, notably an early scene featuring Dennings berating some customers that comes off a bit forced. And some of the supporting characters tend to be broad stereotypes, with the vaguely racist Asian boss, and Garret Morris playing the Wise, Witty Black Man. But overall, it mostly hits it’s marks. And thank god, because this had the potential to be the worst sitcom of the new season. As it stands, I’m giving 2 Broke Girls a chance.

3 melting DVRs out of 5

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2 Responses to New Fall TV Review: 2 Broke Girls

  1. Martyn says:

    I read a review comparing these girls to Lucy and Ethel and Laverne and Shirley….ummmmm what?


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