New Fall TV Review: Prime Suspect

There are a LOT of new shows premeiring this fall, and it’s hard to decide what to give a chance to, and what should be avoided at all costs. Throughout this fall, we’ll be giving short reviews of most of the new pilots, and letting you know what deserves your precious time.
It’s hard to create a compelling police drama. And as the last year or so has taught us, networks don’t have much tolerance for a cop show that’s not performing. I was a huge fan of both Detroit 1-8-7 and The Chicago Code, both of which were unceremoniously cancelled after their first seasons. If you’re not Law & Order, you’d better be damn good to survive in this TV landscape. There are definitely shades of The Chicago Code showing in Prime Suspect, which is a good thing. Maria Bello stars as Det. Jane Timoney, a role originated in the UK version of the show by Helen Mirren. Luckily, if anyone can fill those huge shoes, it’s Bello, whose underrated performance in A History of Violence in 2005 proved her dramatic chops. The show follows homicide detective Timoney after being transferred to a new squad, and deals with her facing coworkers who don’t entirely agree with her being a part of the group.All of this sounds like pretty generic police procedural stuff, but Bello carries the show, along with some extremely sharp writing. Some of the other officers in the squad come off as a bit bland, but I trust that characters will be fleshed out in the coming season. Overall, Prime Suspect is just what I needed to heal my cop show cancellation blues.
4 melting DVRs out of 5
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