Friday Movie Preview – 10/14/11

Every Friday, we’ll do a quick roundup of the movies coming out that weekend, reminding you of the blockbuster releases and maybe exposing some of the lesser known releases!

  • The Thing – So I’m still not sure if this is a remake or a prequel to the 1982 horror classic. I’ve seen it referred to as both, but I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. Here’s hoping it falls on the prequel side, because do we really need another half-assed remake of a beloved movie? Also, what is Mary Elizabeth Winstead doing in this movie? Seems like a weird fit. Regardless, considering the rest of this Friday’s slate, this looks like the clear winner.

  • Footloose – Speaking of half-assed remakes…. Here’s my movie confession of the week: I’ve never seen the original Footloose. And yet somehow the idea of this film still gets me angry. Can teenagers today just not be bothered to watch the original, so they need it changed into the same shitty street-dancing cliche that’s been done ad-nauseum for the past 10 years? Plus, the premise of Footloose is about 100x more implausible in the present day. The ACLU would be all over that shit in a second. And Dennis Quaid is in it. When was the last time Dennis Quaid was in anything good?

  • The Big Year – I guess this is about Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin going bird-watching? Looks like a pretty generic middle-age guys movie.

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